Fort Street - Homesick and Stable [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Fort Street

Homesick and Stable [EP] (2013)

Broken English Records

On Homesick and Stable, Fort Street refine a brand of punk rock that's tenacious and relentless, with the proper tones of hardcore and fervent alternative. Mike Conti's vocals lead by the front to show that this band need more recognition as soon as possible.

Conti's crisp behind the mic, with a carrying voice that does well to stand out throughout the record's sound, especially as heard on "Forty Days." His delivery accentuates everything the trio does and throws a new dimension to a band, that without him, may fall under the average pop-punk standard. They don't try to break free from molds and genres, and this is made clear in how the instrumentation and final product comes off. It's high quality and the track resonates with a bit more of a cutting edge on the punk side of things. Todd Jansen's guitars are striking; his work on "Gasoline" sparks a high-octane charisma and enthusiasm that signals the intent, loudly and finely tuned.

The title track is a bit poppier and catchier, but nothing's taken away from Fort Street have accomplished. Conti establishes himself much more with the ripping "Pardon Me," as his bass-work is phenomenal. Sitting on this five-tracker really had me thinking how fitting these guys would be on a Balance and Composure tour with Daylight added to the fold. The haunting interludes and breakdowns here show why this album's too short for its own good.

"Heaven Sent" closes off proceedings as everything's pulled from the band's arsenal into this song to deliver full gold. The melodic dissertation they offer in what I can only describe as a riveting take on the alternative-punk scene adds much value to Conti's vision. These three Albany guys should be making inroads even more this year. At least, I hope so.