The Atlas Moth / Wolvhammer - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Atlas Moth / Wolvhammer

Split [7-inch] (2013)

Init Records

Like any other holiday, it's easy to get cynical about Record Store Day. This year saw the celebration of indie record stores cluttered with overpriced reissues and alternate pressings of already available albums. But also like any other holiday, you just need to know how to celebrate your way. In my case, that means seeking out metal.

The Atlas Moth and Wolvhammer partnered up for a split for RSD, with each band contributing a cover. Yeah, it was still a little overpriced, but it's still a fun little 7-inch. The Atlas Moth go first with their interpretation of "Black Trees," originally by Hooray for Earth. The track opens with ominous drums and a smattering of keys before finally erupting in a cacophony of screams. Granted, the song has a bit of a droning quality that might alienate some and lacks the bluesy punch that the Atlas Moth sometimes work in, but it's still a nifty little headbanger.

Wolvhammer win, though. They take on the Cure's contribution to the Crow soundtrack, "Burn." It's a surprisingly faithful cover. Sure, they speed up the intro, but that galloping bassline remains. There's still a touch of gothic psychedelia, right down to the dreamy vocals. Look, you can't fuck with this song. And for the most part, Wolvhammer doesn't, until they get to the guitar solo. That's when the metal comes out, ever so slightly. Overall, though, total goth party.