Turnover - Magnolia (Cover Artwork)
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Magnolia (2013)

Run For Cover

If Turnover wanted to drop a record filled with subtle complexities about life, brooding catchiness and a contemplative chatter that adds a new dimension to their sound, then they've done that exquisitely with Magnolia. There's a grungy charm, too, when they infuse their variations of pop-punk and indie-alternative here and it's an important factor in what couldn't be a more fitting full-length debut.

"Shiver" plays off cool, calm and collected and the somber, undeniably melodic take offered is a nifty spin on the pop-punk genre. The record hints that this may be the only sound offered as it starts off, but seeing how Turnover traverse genres is a great listen indeed. The Drive-Thru emo vibe and spasms of indie punk show how soundly their 90s influence can emerge.

"Most Of The Time" adds a state of reflection and retrospection that paints the scene of inner angst we've all dealt with. Austin Getz is clean and mostly sublime on the mic–the ideal pop-punk and alternative voice, but he does much more on the record. You can tell he doesn't want them lumped into the average-sounds many stigmatize such bands with these days. The drums and guitars are timed perfectly throughout the ride and roll into "Wither," you can sense a slight tinge of Title Fight-esque mood, which comes off spot-on.

Sure, you get a depressive tone more often than not, but Getz paints a record of dramatics and honesty. His emotive force pulls from track to track and it's a diverse effort, which is most welcomed. "Seedwong" again pulls from Floral Green at times and somewhere along the line, spurts of Transit, Man Overboard and Seahaven sprout up. But what's outstanding is Turnover's ability to craft an intellectual take on their theme, amid all the pain and sadness.

By the time "Flicker and Fade" drowns in with its acoustic element, there's no doubt that your expectations have been raised by Turnover. Magnolias shows how talented this bunch is, so expect bigger things soon. They've nailed a dynamic that'll speak volumes for them later on down the line.