Title Fight / Touche Amore - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Title Fight / Touche Amore

Split [7-inch] (2013)

Sea Legs

Touche Amore started 2013 brilliantly with "Gravity Metaphorically" and come Record Store Day, and this 7-inch split with Title Fight acts as a thank you to fans for following both bands over the past few years, and also culminates a lengthy friendship between the two units. Given that Title Fight have been no slouch lately in their recent material, this is a most appreciated addition from them as well. Swapping songs should be done by more bands just to test the waters and this proves why.

Touche Amore run the gauntlet with "Crescent Shaped Depression" and they did it justice. Jeremy Bolm adds the layers of grit and emotion needed at the right points and notes. Shed was a classic and Floral Green also demonstrated how relevant Title Fight became; Bolm and the lads display great musicianship while staying loyal to what Title Fight did. There's a crisp and harsh depth to Bolm's take that neatly pays tribute to the original.

Cue Title Fight stealing the show, as has become the norm for them live and recorded. Their rendition of "Face Ghost" is remarkable. The hard-hitting impact that Touche tempered in the past comes off smoothly when Title Fight add their spin on things. Touche's been sifting through sounds and experimenting over recent months, and it's all cut-loose here when Title Fight mimics what Bolm's done in the past. Jaime and the gents add that damaged angst that makes this cover shine. Record Store Day created at least one must-have, and here's to hoping more's to come soon.