Flogging Molly/The Casualties/Avoid One Thing - live in Boise, ID (Cover Artwork)

Flogging Molly / The Casualties / Avoid One Thing

live in Boise, ID (2002)

live show

This was my second time seeing Flogging Molly in my life, and I think they put on an awsome live show. I bought tickets a month before the concert started. Finally the day came after long anticipation.

Flogging Molly was putting on a free instore concert in Boise 2 hours before showtime. I decided to go to that just so I could hear the new stuff live, the Drunken Lullabies is a good Cd. So they put on a good instore performance and Dave King made a couple jokes right before they left to get to the venue.

The concert was at The Big Easy (the best venue in Boise) with a 1000 maximum capacity. I got there just in time before there was a line further than i could see. Flogging Molly needed more practice time and hundreds of people froze their ass off while FM put the final touches on their sound. After everyone got in the place quickly filled up I would say there was at least 450 people there, and also on a school night. After another hour of waiting the lights dimmed and Avoid One Thing took the stage. Don't get me wrong I liked AOT, but they couldn't catch my attention for too long. After a good 45 minute set more people crowded the downstairs area.

After another half-hour wait for The Casualties they finally started, Jorge out first with glow in the dark 2 foot or so liberty spikes. After they started up with "Riot" the pit opened up, I stayed in the pit for their whole set, with occasional water breaks. They played most of their songs off of their CD "For the Punx." The Casualties played an hour set and I was hoping for more. they played greats such as "Fight For Your Life," "Nightmare," "Punk Rock Love," and "Chaos Punx." This concert happened before warped so I can't remember their whole set. Next up.....Flogging Molly.

After I got a drink and took a piss I came back to see the whole downstairs and moshing area flooded. Many of those people had beers, I could tell there was gonna be alot of drunks in the pit. After a good hour wait Flogging Molly ran up on stage. They started the set with "May the Living Be Dead In Our Wake," that got everyone moving around. I quickly found my way to the pit and sang along while moshing. Flogging Molly would concentrate most of their songs on the "Drunken Lullabies" CD, because it was to promote the CD. They then played plenty of songs including: "If I Ever Leave This World Alive," "Swagger," "Drunken Lullabies," "What's Left Of The Flag." They played my all-time favorite FM songs like "Rebels Of the Sacred Heart," "Black Friday Rule," "Saltydog," and "Kilbourn High Road." After they put down their instruments and got an encore FM came back and played "Delilah," and a few others I didnt recognize. The pits were huge, the music was great. That 11 dollars was well worth this concert. I would recommend anyone to see Flogging Molly live.