Campaign - The Black Album [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


The Black Album [7-inch] (2013)

No Breaks Records / Dick Party

Four EPs in, it's about time Georgian hardcore outfit Campaign showed some artistic growth. Granted, the changes to their formula are minimal (We're talking more guitar solos and/or noise bits), but still welcome nonetheless. Having pretty much claimed dibs on melodic hardcore, The Black Album finds Campaign working in little flourishes along the way. It ain't exactly New Lexicon, but I'll take it.

Still, The Black Album generally sticks to the band's strengths: super fast, super catchy hardcore packed with whoas as far the ear can hear. The first three tracks illustrate why the young people of America still need to heed the lessons Lifetime and Avail taught us. These tunes are so effortless, so fun, that it's almost surprising to hear a longer song close out the set.

That song is "Out of Control," a more rock-oriented number with an intro that actually runs longer than 10 seconds (audible gasp!). While opener "Breaking Bones" packs in some guitar solo action, hinting at the rockitude scheduled to occur, "Out of Control" almost feels like a different band. It's a little slower, a little heavier. And it works. Either way, listeners get gruff, beardy punk rockin' of the highest caliber. While Campaign's output continues to shoot for 10-minute bursts instead of full-length territory, The Black Album proves that sometimes brevity is better.