Allout Helter - Sinking, We Regress (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Allout Helter

Sinking, We Regress (2013)

Dang! Records

Allout Helter are a five piece from Denver dead keen on melodic and technical punk rock that is the bailiwick of bands such as A Wilhelm Scream, Thrice, Strung Out, The Human Project and the like. You know the kind of stuff: twin guitars chiming away, complementing each other as they build the melodic element whilst also going off in the more mathematical delivery.

The nine tracks featured on Sinking, We Regress, the band's debut album, are all well-structured and do not overdo the more technical aspects of the music; rather, they are used to augment what's already a pretty enjoyable sound. It would be easy to get bogged down in how the guitars are used, but Allout Helter have managed to get the balance right. The band are also blessed with a vocalist, Ross Hostage, who fits the bill perfectly for this approach – his voice can carry a tune, but also has enough grit in it to ensure just a bit of bite, and prevent it from coming across with too much clarity. The vocals are in no way unique, however, and that goes for the whole package, really, as this kind of sound has been around for some time now. But give credit where credit's due: On Sinking, We Regress it is done to a good standard. Obviously without a strong rhythm section this could turn a bit messy, but there is more than enough backbone provided to ensure that the end result is nicely put together.

The first track "Assume The Imposition" is a killer, and although nothing quite reaches the same height, there are other impressive moments worth savouring including "Millennia" and "Thrasher ‘89." The performance is assisted by an abundance of energy which likely translates well in a live setting.