Creative Adult - Bulls in the Yard [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Creative Adult

Bulls in the Yard [7-inch] (2013)

Run For Cover Records

For all the young bands seemingly rediscovering grunge and shifting their sound to reflect it – which Run For Cover seems to be spearheading with bands like Daylight, Turnover and the now-defunct Basement – Creative Adult's take might the most on-the-nose right now: The screeched, distant, incoherent vocals; the rough-around-the-edges guitars; the pulverizing rhythm section are all very much in the vein of, well, Nirvana. Even the production on Bulls in the Yard is a little dirty and decidedly retro; a sans-context listen might make one think these are demos recorded in 1993.

Indeed, the band take cues from Kurt Cobain and company at nearly every turn, to the point where it's evident that they haven't quite found their own voice. The jilting feedback in the title track, along with much of the vocal work throughout the EP, are clearly both well-traveled roads. There are hints of differentiation here and there, though; the retrofied ‘80s hardcore vibe of "Chemical Glow" is a nice change of pace–it's also fitting, considering the band feature members of Bay Area hardcore mainstays like All Teeth and No Sir–and some of the atmospherics in closer "Rushing Toward the Cemetery," particularly the methodically fuzzy guitar work and haunting vocals, call to mind My Bloody Valentine.

Given that Bulls in the Yard is only the second EP from Creative Adult, it's forgivable that much of it isn't terribly original. It's clear they're on the right path, and really, if they just amp up the weirdness a little and dial down the grunge, their debut full-length has the potential to be very strong.