The Loss - Everything You Ever Wanted [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Loss

Everything You Ever Wanted [EP] (2013)

La Escalera Records

Seattle five-piece The Loss hit the ground running on this seven-track release and basically keep up a pretty brisk pace all the way to an end, with guitars and drums blazing. There are definitely hints of Strike Anywhere to be heard within Everything You Ever Wanted and this is primarily through some of the guitar work of Ian Reas and Mat Chandler but also via the crisp drumming of Shane Hassman (which is ably accompanied by the bass playing of Benny Early). Jacob Bevan provides the vocals, but any similarities to the aforementioned Richmond band end there, as he has a slightly gruffer voice with more of a low end quality.

Although "No Fences" is a decent opener, it's the second track "Domestic Relief" which offers a bit more variety, breaking up the fast pace with the odd slower moment, without any drop in intensity. "A Place To Call Home" is another head-nodder, and it's where Bevan shines the most. "December 8th" is no slouch either, hammering along at a fair clip and with a punchy delivery, much in the same vein as the rest of this EP.

Closer "The Last Time We Talk About This" shows a nice shift in speed as it approaches its end, slowing things down a touch to give a sense of closure to the record.

This EP is all about big guitars, a thundering rhythm section and strong vocals (both solo and the occasional gang style) and in bringing this all together the Loss manage to make a pretty decent record; there's no new ground being broken here, but fans of energetic melodic hardcore should enjoy it.