Institution - Domen Är Satt (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Domen Är Satt (2012)

De:Nihil Records

It seems that Sweden is widely accepted as one of the bastions for hard and furious d-beat and crust punk, with there being a massive legacy in place from bands that have come from there over the years. That continues with Institution and to be fair, any band which includes members of Totalitär and Herätys would be expected to provide an output that would fit in nicely into that musical structure. Yes, there is more than enough pedigree within Institution to ensure that the end result is nothing more than a resounding success, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Featuring thirteen tracks, Domen Är Satt (translated as Judgement is Set using a handy online tool) is a whirling blunderbuss of guitar riffs and pounding drums, accompanied by some of the strongest vocals heard in this genre in some time. Even with that said, the record comes across as straightforward, powerful hardcore that is easy to take in and appreciate, which given that its roots are in a genre that can sometimes be taxing on the ears to say the least, is a huge positive. Despite the speed on display here, this album isn't a total blur; although, it might be hard to catch a breath whilst it's actually on as it's impossible to sit still when it's playing.

The title track kicks off the record in style, from the hint of feedback into a slow guitar riff that builds into the inevitable, full-on hardcore blast clearly anticipated from the moment the needle lands on the vinyl. That tense start, albeit a brief one, really does help set the tone for the record and from then on, it's a relentless barrage. There are a couple of tracks like "Kaos" and "Helvetet Pa Jorden" which shift things pace-wise, but never to a state where the songs are verging on being out of control. In a nutshell, what the album provides is a muscular and formidable sound, delivered with a high octane approach.

Domen Är Satt has apparently sold out of its initial pressing leading to a second (limited) pressing recently being released. Don't dismiss it because of its background: This is a very good punk rock record and should not be overlooked due to any preconceived notions about d-beat/crust (or even bands that do not sing in English).