Slaughterhouse Chorus/Bridge Under Fire - split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Slaughterhouse Chorus / Bridge Under Fire

split [7-inch] (2013)

L.R.S. Records

This four-tracker (note that each band includes an additional track to the download provided with the single) brings together two quite different bands: The Slaughterhouse Chorus favour a countrified punk (or punkified country) sound, whilst Bridge Under Fire tend toward a more straightforward, medium-paced punk delivery.

I'll take the Slaughterhouse Chorus first, being more familiar with them (their self-titled debut album from 2012 is worth checking out) and their trio of tracks begins with the foot-stomping country of "Coxsackie State Penitentiary Blues,",= which sets things up nicely for "Fish in a Barrel," the split's best track. This song steps up the pace a bit and as a result, the foot-stomping is more frenetic and also highlights that the band aren't averse to covering real issues, as this addresses the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster that had a massive impact on the US Gulf Coast. The additional track provided by the download is "Better Off Without a Wife," and although there is certainly more of a country influence, there's also a slight caustic note within the lyrics, stopping it from coming across as maudlin in the way a lot of the more established (and mainstream) country artists sound.

Hailing from Syracuse, Bridge Under Fire open up with "Hetero-Flexible," with a choppy, staccato edge and new wave undertones, offering up quite a different approach to the Slaughterhouse Chorus. Next up is "A Lovely Cheese Pizza Just For Me" and this doesn't deviate from the style on the opening track really, with a clipped guitar intro leading into a strong bass line and eventually delivering quite a catchy tune; this is the better of the three Bridge Under Fire tracks included. "Liter-a-Cola" is the final track (the bonus in the download) and is eminently worthy of inclusion on the actual vinyl as a toss-up with the opening offering.