Various - 4-way split (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


4-way split (2013)

Run For Cover

Run For Cover Records have been killing it for quite a while now and this 4-way split is no different in its diverse ensemble. There's a cool blend offerred that no doubt will have you casting eyes on at least a couple of these bands for music further on down the line. Guaranteed. However, the balance of the split is a tad disjointed and while not totally detrimental, it does hamper the vibe at times.

Tigers Jaw kick things off with a stark reminder just why they'll be missed. "Fake Death" is filled to the brim with their best elements of tortured and morose pop-punk, with Brianna Collins' overlaying vocals a highlight. They always put out stuff that's short but sweet and this is no different. It's actually a brilliant segue into the follow-up, "Beverly Wyatt," which instills just why The World Is A Beautiful Place and I'm No Longer Afraid To Die are a band destined to make larger waves. This is pure indie-folk-pop without sticking to any cliched ballad format. The subtle backup vocals, with tinges of a screamo style, fits their harmonic vibe well and the melody ripples perfectly.

Tempering the poppier elements of the A-side are Code Orange Kids. Their hardcore-grind has been very well-received thus far, but they lack the edge to separate them from the pack. COK are decent, don't get me wrong, but despite their start-stop setup and hardcore influences, it's just not resonating when "VI (Worm Fears God // God Fears Youth)" plays. There's something lacking. This careens into "Holy Trend" by Self Defense Family, which does a good job mixing an indie/post-hardcore vibe but still, it's not as enticing. Saying this is dull wouldn't be right, but it's surely not imposing.

The first half of this split is a nifty vibe from a couple bands I really love but the balance is lost right after. It isn't typical of a RFC record but that's the risk you run when you plump for diversity on a short split. Still, you'll surely leave this split with something new to run down.