Worthy Victims - Worthy Victims [EP] (Cover Artwork)
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Worthy Victims

Worthy Victims [EP] (2013)

Unfun Records

This Brighton (UK) based quartet came out of nowhere and dropped a particularly strong five-track debut, which reaches back into time for a scratchy sound that is part hardcore and part post-punk. There are moments when I think I'm listening to something that might have been recorded about 20 years ago (and that's a positive comment) whilst there are also times when this sounds very current.

Somewhat appropriately proceedings begin with "It's Kicking Off," a full 105 seconds in which I find myself comparing a number of parts of the song to the approach of Canadian band Careers in Science, with both groups favouring quite a bare bones approach that delivers a swift punch without ever seeming to overcomplicate matters; although on this track it does have the feel of being two slightly different songs with a similar start and end sandwiching a distinctive change in between. All in all, this provides quite an auspicious start.

The following three tracks, "Scrapheap," "Proper Word Use" and "Fear In Us All" continue in the same edgy vein, with the odd twist and turn to add some extra interest to the songs, none of them lessening the positive impact this EP is making.

The EP ends with "Black Skies," which is not too far off being three minutes long and is the longest and most notable track on the EP, with much more of a considered (yet simple) and powerful delivery behind it. The track has a relatively consistent guitar riff that provides an air of nihilism which in conjunction with the lyrics being spat out with more than a few pints of venom, add to the bleak sense I get when listening to the song.