Against Me! - True Trans [EP] (Cover Artwork)
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Against Me!

True Trans [EP] (2013)

Total Treble

Against Me! has always been big around the ‘Org, and constantly in the news stream around these parts. I'll save the long intro and get right to it, this acoustic single True Trans, a precursor to their long awaited new full-length Transgender Dysphoria Blues.

"FuckMyLife666" starts with strummed acoustic, capo up high on the neck, and Laura Jane Grace singing in her trademark croon with a little less grit to fit the acoustic setting. The lyrics are deep, honest feelings about her true identity finally coming to light after a lifetime of confusion: "Is your mother proud of your eyelashes? / Silicon chest and collagen lips / How would you even recognize me?" It's no wonder their upcoming Transgender Dysphoria Blues is a concept album about her experiences in the last couple years–what songwriter doesn't write about huge life events? To the complainers of Grace sticking with this single topic, go listen to Dylan's Blood on The Tracks, entirely about his divorce, or NOFX's War On Errorism, nearly entirely about Bush, the war, and related topics. If something big happens to you, you would want to talk about it to.

But anyway, it's "True Trans Soul Rebel" that's the hit here. Huge singable hooks abound, like the refrain of "Who's gonna take you home tonight?" repeated, and the post-chorus of "Does God bless your transexual heart? / True trans soul rebel!", her voice smashing into a powerful high note on the last run at it. While the song has some swelling, distant electric overtones, it's mainly acoustic and lacks the full-band flourishes found in their live recordings of it (it's the first song here). I really miss the "woos" and the catchy lead guitar line, but it stands alone quite well, showcasing the lyrics.

I think I can say nearly all of us are eagerly awaiting the full album, and I am even more anxious now that this has whet my whistle.