Apathy Cycle - Clockwork County [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Apathy Cycle

Clockwork County [EP] (2013)

Landlocked Collective

What Apathy Cycle do right is that they're not afraid to rock. For some reason or another, it seems that majority of punk bands are content to rely on mid-tempo schlepping or pure thrash-noise with no sense for actual music. On the Clockwork County EP, Apathy Cycle anchor their sound in the classic Chuck Berry-on-speed riffs and kick out six jams that show real promise.

For the most part, Apathy Cycle focus on political issues in the abstract sense, like abuses of governments and big business. The songs are propelled by licks that are simple, but snappy and energizing enough to keep the songs exciting all the way through. In many ways, the band seem to be the inspiration for the skate punk-meets-Dangerhouse whipping heard on INDK's releases. (In fact, one member of the band actually stood in for INDK's Ezra Kire on a Leftover Crack tour).

The band also add in a ska element, but rather than making it about ska bombast on all the songs, they bring out the trumpet and sax only for effect and variation, which keeps the EP moving along instead of being bogged down by routine.

Clockwork County is competently executed and the band have seemed to master their influences and know what they want to do. Still, they could add a little more unique character to their music. It's interesting that on the EP's only cover, a Culture Shock song, the band get weirder and a little more far out, making the most striking track on the release. Apathy Cycle are still in development and now that they've mastered the rudiments, all they need is that one extra ingredient to really make them pop, and with the energy and sheer understanding of what makes a song go crack heard on this release, that shouldn't be too difficult.