Orange Island - Everything You Thought You Knew (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Orange Island

Everything You Thought You Knew (2002)


The cover of Orange Island's debut LP displays a butterfly in it's cocoon, going through the stages of metamorphesis. It's only fitting that the music contained on this disc is also going through a transformation of sorts - an identity crisis, if you will.

Some of the songs on this disc are pure winners, like the dark-yet-upbeat opener "Drinking To Bend" or the Quicksand-esque "Consider Yourself Lucky." Some are nothing but filler, like the aptly-titled instrumental "That's One Dead Horse." Vocalist David Gorman tries his best to keep up with the music, but his voice just sounds awkward on the too-poppy-for-it's-own-good "The Art Of Soap Opera Acting." His voice really shines on the heavier tracks, but when the band tries to go more of a pop-punk route, the CD takes a turn for the worse.

Overall this isn't a bad album at all, and I'm sure some kid will buy it and think it's the best thing since sliced bread. The recording quality isn't the best [the bass especially seems really muddied throughout the disc], but for the level of band Orange Island is, it's pretty good. A five might seem kind of harsh to some people, but it's only that low because I believe this band has a lot of potential and I want to leave them room to grow. Check back in with me when your metamorphesis is complete, guys.

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