The Saints of Sorrow - 2012 [EP] (Cover Artwork)
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The Saints of Sorrow

2012 [EP] (2012)


The Saints of Sorrow released this EP as a follow up to their 2011 album Songs for the Forgotten and it doesn't stray from the thick sounding, street punk approach that made the long player such an enjoyable romp. The four songs on this EP, which came out right at the tail end of 2012, are full of melodic punk rock with sing-along moments that I would imagine are real fist-pumpers if you get to see the band in a live setting. If you have a thing for well-done melodic punk rock then all of the requisite elements are here, with a strong guitar sound backed by an effective rhythm section which helps beef up the songs nicely, and a tuneful yet not totally clean vocal performance to provide the main front of the band.

"This Is Not The End" is easily the best track on here as it's got more pace and as a result, more of a punch to it than the more mid-paced songs on the EP. Perhaps that pace is the reason why it's the shortest song on the EP by some way as it races through in less than two minutes. After that, I really like "Between The Lines," a straightforward song both structurally and lyrically, but one which hits the spot and provides a reminder that music doesn't have to over-complicate things to be entertaining.

It's good to know that some bands don't go totally M.I.A. after an initial release and I for one would be happy to hear new material from The Saints of Sorrow on a regular basis if it's up to this standard.