Direct Hit! - live in Pomona (Cover Artwork)
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Direct Hit!

live in Pomona (2013)

live show

Show Date: July 15, 2013

Let me give you some context first.

I remember listening to the Punknews Podcast and a discussions the panelists were having on the show concerned bands they discovered early on in their run and followed as they became more and more successful. After listening to that podcast, I realized I didn't share that kind of experience. In fact, I was even more envious of the people who had that experience with Against Me! You know, the people who were fans of theirs since before Reinventing Axl Rose was released. Granted, I was only nine or ten when that album came out and I wasn't as musically conscious as (I think and hope that) I am now.

Later on, I saw on the 'Org that Direct Hit! signed to Red Scare, and realized that I finally found the band I could follow. I'd really enjoyed DH! since I listened to their #4 and #5 EPs thanks to Death to False Hope Records, and ordered their Werewolf Shame split 7-inch with the Mixtapes. And as soon as I could, I pre-ordered their first full-length, Domesplitter. Whatever I couldn't find on vinyl of theirs I would immediately buy on mp3. I even took the time to learn "Werewolf Shame" and "Satan Says" on guitar by ear.

So when Red Scare announced that Direct Hit! was going on a full U.S. tour this summer, how could I not go? They had never toured the west coast before and I had been waiting to see them for three or four years now. The closest show to me was at V.L.H.S in Pomona, CA, a 50 mile drive each way. The friend I was going with drove an extra 50 miles each way just so he could meet me at my place and then head to the show. There are only a few bands that he and I would drive that far for and Direct Hit! are definitely one of them. Dare I say we were pumped?!

One of the reasons that I'm giving this show a perfect score is because it was the most DIY show I had ever been to. There weren't any tickets, just five-dollar donations. The venue was a small converted warehouse in the middle of an industrial park, the stage was no more than six inches above the ground, and no more than forty or fifty people (band members included) showed up. Before the show even started, we were able to hang out with the band and they were not only hilarious, but also very nice and humble.

I had absolutely no problem throwing some money down at the merch booth at all because for such a small show, Direct Hit! put every bit of talent and energy as they could into their set. They put on an amazing show. You can see my point (and that Nick Woods is a great frontman) from the pictures.

The other reason I gave this show a perfect score is because Direct Hit! chose a fantastic setlist. The best songs the band performed were definitely "Satan Says," "Snickers of Reese's", and "Werewolf Shame" (played upon my request). They also played "Monster in the Closet," "Failed Invasion," "In Orbit," and "Kingdom Come" flawlessly.

They even played a song from their upcoming Red Scare debut Brainless God, which should be released sometime this summer.
The band didn't say the same of the song, but as soon as Nick said that it was about zombies, I got even more excited about the new album. The song itself was great and got the crowd really riled up.

I will definitely continue to follow Direct Hit! whether they stay on Red Scare or move on to a larger indie like Fat Wreck Chords (they definitely deserve to), just as long as they keep making music. For those of you lucky people that are going to Fest 12, this year definitely check out Direct Hit! You won't be disappointed.


The other three bands – Lipstick Homicide, Turkish Techno and the Dudikoffs – all put on really great shows, but I don't think that I know enough about them to be able to review them fairly.