Terrible Feelings - Backwoods [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Terrible Feelings

Backwoods [7-inch] (2013)

Deranged Records

Terrible Feelings are somewhat of an outlier on the Deranged Records roster. While the label is mostly known for loud, noisy, occasionally nihilistic punk and hardcore, the Malmö, Sweden-based group create tightly-wound rock music with heavy influence from ‘80s post-punk and goth. Their new 7-inch Backwoods more or less picks right up where 2012's excellent Shadows LP left off.

The driving force of Terrible Feelings' sound continues to be the smoky vocals of Manuela Iwansson; her voice inflections impressively travel from low to lower in "I Don't Even Know You" as darkly jangly guitars swirl around her rasps. "Word Travels Fast" is a bit more energetic, with an almost power pop-esque stomp between its tight riffs and quick drumming; Iwansson displays her underrated range here as well, expertly hitting high notes as the song comes to an end.

"Black Winter Night" is the longest and darkest of the three songs on Backwoods; a somewhat slow burner relying on occasionally surfy-sounding guitar work and Iwansson's vocals a little more isolated than on the previous two tracks, it's essentially a synth away from sounding like a Blondie song.

Backwoods serves as a solid buffer between Shadows and whatever Terrible Feelings' next full-length will be, building on what the band have already forged and giving listeners a hint as to where they might land next. The 7-inch could also serve as a brief introduction to Terrible Feelings for those who find full-lengths too daunting for some reason.