Come To Get Her - Another Way To Go (Cover Artwork)
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Come To Get Her

Another Way To Go (2013)


Belarusians Come To Get Her follow up their 2012 7-inch with a twelve-track album which finds six of those original tracks making a reappearance. The interesting thing about these songs getting a second outing is that the one track on the EP that I didn't like doesn't make the cut here, which you might think would help the consistency of the digital long player however, it turns out that it has been replaced by another acoustic effort which leaves me cold.

Evgeny Lyssy's vocals once again demand attention, in a listenable-not-brash way, and his delivery is perfect for melodic punk rock. He is ably supported by Juliya Gushchenskova, who in addition to playing guitar provides a strong complimentary vocal on "Be My Dream" takes the lead on "Who Is To Blame," a particularly good song which takes the foot off the pedal a touch.

Come To Get Her are able to change tempos nicely, allowing Another Way To Go to not sound too similar as it progresses. Given that I liked the debut EP, I'm finding that the tracks I liked then are still the ones making the most impression on me with the likes of "Be My Dream" and "19:12" maintaining a presence in my head. However, the opening track "Your Idols Will Fall" stands out as the strongest on the album as a solid slab of well-played, melodic punk rock.

I have to give the band credit for including a cover of one of my favourite Dag Nasty tracks, "Circles", and while they add a little bit of their own touch to it, it falls a bit flat; Lyssy's vocals are nowhere near as strong as those of Dave Smalley on the original and his voice is one of the key elements of why the song works so well.

Overall this isn't a bad release and again I'd urge anyone who likes melodic punk rock that verges on the more tuneful than gritty side of things to check this out. And yes, this is available for free via Bandcamp although you could throw the band a couple of pounds/dollars/euros as it is a release worthy of a small financial contribution as a minimum.