Leer - Spring Break No Parents [EP] (Cover Artwork)
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Spring Break No Parents [EP] (2013)

Phat 'n' Phunky / Lauren / Texas Toast DIY

Leer have a certain something that's very captivating. They're not the most unique band doing the screamo/skramz thing, but there's a lure to them that fans of their older stuff most certainly dig. After catching their Cerce split and listening to their older stuff, particularly a song called "Tug," I couldn't wait to grab more of their material. Spring Break No Parents justifies the wait. It's a wicked cool blend of math-rock and skramz that flows brilliantly within its seven tracks.

There's an unexpected, fluid indie vibe when "As Cool As An Attempted Suicide" opens the record. Throw in a smooth, catchy build before Brandon Holder's vocals start ripping and you've got a winner. The record, as it ensues, flows like Jon Mess and Dance Gavin Dance, or more so, Five Minute Ride at their best. It's highly melodic throughout with Dan Vo and Drew Satterlund's glossy guitars adding so much clout to the harmonic vibe that Holder conveys with his throaty yells.

The guitars perfectly complement Holder and the softer "Spring Break" help push Leer's musical agenda. They remarkably synchronize harsh vocals with a sweet melodic flow, which they were toying with in past records, but couldn't perfect until now. Binding the harrowing and angsty synergy of "No Parents" also stipulates their versatility.

"Tender Compliments" is rife with a bassline that highlights how much Leer can play with the poppier aspects of rock. They throw a lot of curveballs in the mix and come out on top. The genius in their musicianship shows and I get the feeling that this is the start of something big for Leer.