Pity Sex - Feast of Love (Cover Artwork)
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Pity Sex

Feast of Love (2013)

Run For Cover Records

If you're looking for a musical ensemble that tosses in bits of punk onto a strong, diverse indie/emo/melodic canvas, then you're looking for Pity Sex. Having regularly spun Dark World last year, it's no surprise to hear how elegant Feast of Love pans out. There's a lot of heart invested into the album and it's one of those that stings in a good way.

"Wind Up" is the band's archetypal emo/melodic rock son rife with a Jimmy Eat World influence, proven in the ripping solo. Brennan Greaves's vocals are more muffled that I'd have liked, but he makes it work throughout the record, timing his lull and sometimes tired vocals into the musical spine of the record with perfection.

The distorted guitars that are strewn over the majority of the record emanate a la Silversun Pickups and when the alternating vocals on "Drown Me Out" pitch in, you can't help but wonder how good this Ann Arbor quartet really are. Britty Drake is one of my favorite vocalists, hands down; her work here is really simple yet so enthralling. It ropes you in whenever she comes on. Her vocals are magical, romantic and sometimes even have you wallowing in self pity when you ingest something like "Hollow Body."

Pity Sex keep Feast of Love under a half-hour, and shoving so much emotion into a concise musical arc isn't the easiest to translate. But they do it well. This is an album for lovers together, lovers learning and lovers broken. It's a spunky little gem that's catchy and poppy in a most appealing manner. "Honey Pot" is as vibrant and lively as Pity Sex can be and when things switch to the more festive yet dreamy "Drawstring," the wishing for the vocals on the record to be a tad clearer is all gone.

It's hard to pick a favorite off this record but what's for certain is Pity Sex have a formula that works and keeps them diverse. "St. John's Wort" is evidence just how fresh and impactful they can be. Definitely one of the more interesting records this year with a consistency that rings smoothly.