Dillinger Four/The Lawrence Arms/The Arrivals - live in Boise, ID (Cover Artwork)

Dillinger Four / The Lawrence Arms / The Arrivals

live in Boise, ID (2002)

live show

This show was during August of 2002, and it was very extreme hot temperature during that month. I went to the show 20 minutes before anything was slated to kick off., just to be on the safe side. Different from the Fm/Casualties review I did, this concert was at a much smaller more compact venue. As soon as I got in there were about 4 people up front, usually I would expect more people for D4, but the crowd was unusually small, and it was promoted well. I found my way up to the front and waited with much elbow room for the first band The Arrivals. Guess what I also found out Eminfag and Dgay and Papa Suck were playing In Boise the same night and eminem needed the place for his after party, oh boy was everyone pissed, they had to cut the concert a little early.

The Arrivals walked up on stage a little drunk and started up. Now I hadnt heard the Arrivals ever so I wasnt expecting much. But wham, they started and were awsome. I don't know any of the song names that were played or anything but they were very talented. They didnt put me to sleep and they didnt make me jump up and down but they were great, I would recommend their music to anyone. Next up, The Lawrence Arms.

Now to tell you the truth I'm not really into the whole generic pop punk scene or emoish scene. But The Lawrence Arms sure are good, thats part of the reason I showed up for this show. they started up with "Navigating The Windward Passage" the song off the Warped 2002 compilation, and I sang along. They played ALL of their songs from Apathy and Exhaustion, although they did play "Faintly Falling Ashes" from the 7" with Shady View Terrace. They played "Brickwall Views," "The First Eviction Notice," "Ghost Stories," and "Porn and Snuff." They played one more which I think was new. Their set was cut a little short due to the time and the Eminem after party and all. I am demanding you listen to a little bit of TLA, they play a great live show and have a great CD. Dillinger Four was next.

By the time Dillinger Four was ready at least 100 people found their way up front, and I found I had lots less elbow space. Dillinger Four came out with the siren aboce the stage and played "Mosh For Jesus," an all-time favorite D4 song. they continued their set with "Our Science Is Tight," "Maximum Piss and Vineagar," "Situationist Comedy," "Shotgun Confessional," and "Total Fucking Gone Song." At that time security was pushing people towards the door. Some people fought back but everyone knew that was the end of the night. Everyone else was pissed but I was glad I got to see those bands before the stupid afterparty.