Dead Dog - Precious Child (Cover Artwork)
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Dead Dog

Precious Child (2013)

Dead Broke Rekerds

Precious Child is Dead Dog's third album, although it's the first one I've heard from this Athens, GA-based trio. The band could best be described as a blend of fuzzed up pop-punk put through a shredder to add some sharp edges. All this added to a distinctly loose and freewheeling lo-fi approach provides for an enjoyable eight tracks.

There's certainly no messing around with the songs here, with only one breaking the three-minute mark; it's a case of get going, throw in some catchy hooks, have some sing-along lyrics primarily provided by Ella Sternberg (who also wields a nifty bass guitar) and basically end the song. As Alexander the Meerkat (go Google it) would say, 'Simples!'

That longest track, "Hold Me Tight," is a true gem which grabs your vocal chords and leaves you with no option but to join in with Sternberg. It's not the only song here that does that but it's the best of the bunch and the first one you should head to.

The album is all tied up with a cover of a Ramones track and here is the pleasant surprise: it's not one of the more favoured choices of bands when ploughing through a substantial back catalogue to choose from. "Danny Says" is given a whole new feel without it sounding as if it's been ripped to pieces and put back together as a totally different beast. The end result is strong enough not to annoy fervent Ramones geeks out there but also doesn't come across as filler, either.

There's definitely a Toys That Kill / Shang-a-Lang / God Equals Genocide / Phil Spector-era Ramones feel going on in these songs so if that's your bag then Precious Child is well worth checking out. If not, then still check ‘em out.