Common Rider - This is Unity Music (Cover Artwork)

Common Rider

This is Unity Music (2002)


Let's take Anti Flag's opinions and mix them with music from Jesse Michaels - what do you get: A motherf'ing great album.

Even your mother knows who Operation Ivy is, so this makes everything so much easier.

Take Operation Ivy, and make them slightly slower and with more passion. Common Rider, Jesse Michaels new band, does just that on their sophomore album, This is Unity Music.

Their first album, Last Wave Rockers, is amazing, This is Unity Music isn't as quite as brilliant, but if a band could get closer to brilliance, it would be with this new album.

Jesse writes the most poetic angry rants and beliefs in the history of music. Songs like Longshot and Midnight Passenger demonstrate Jesse's amazing vocal abilities along with some help from the Teen Idols.

It's not quite punk, it aint really ska, and at times its almost reggae. All I know is that it is better than any thing else out there.

Buy this album. Fuck it, goddamn steal this album. Whatever it takes. Who cares if it aint Op Ivy. Nothing is. Jesse Michaels is back, and Common Rider is the freshest sounding band that I have heard in a long time.

This is Unity Music will have you checking your pulse and wondering, "Why the fuck havent I been listening to these guys for the last three years?"

Common Rider consists of little Jesse, from Op Ivy, Mass Giorgani and Dan Lumley, both of Screaching Weasel.