Lawnmower - Whack Yer Brain [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Whack Yer Brain [7-inch] (2013)

Save Your Generation Records

Much like Piebald and Luther before them, Michigan indie rock act Lawnmower run the '90s alt-rock playbook faithfully and effusively. These guys definitely grew up on Weezer, probably think Harvey Danger were underrated and quite possibly have serious opinions on Semisonic. Their latest 7-inch, Whack Yer Brain, delivers big hooks and fuzzy guitars galore.

Boasting four tracks (five if you go digital), Whack Yer Brain is a promising set that improves with each song. "Team Spirit" opens the 7-inch with stick clicks and garage riffs. It will thoroughly provoke head bobbing. "Beware Heather Sinclair" is more than just a warning; it's a winning pop rock song augmented by keys.

Side B is where it's at, though. "Party Favors" packs a gnarly, dirty guitar tone verging on shoegaze. It provides a nice contrast with the A material, proving that Lawnmower can still get relatively heavy. "Spinner's Got a Mohawk" feels a little like a cheat–at 97 seconds, it's the shortest and slightest of the tracks–but it still offers up a brief burst of Lemonheadsy punk energy. Besides, it still plays into this idea that the B side showcases Lawnmower's more dissonant aspects. Either way, Whack Yer Brain is a catchy bugger, and hopefully a sign of more things to come from Lawnmower.