Mean Jeans / URTC - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Mean Jeans / URTC

Split [7-inch] (2013)

It's Alive Records

While their latest full-length On Mars is just over a year-and-a-half old, Mean Jeans have stayed active with a series of splits. Their 7-inch with Big Eyes, released earlier this year, was tops. Another split, this time with Underground Railroad to Candyland, is another righteous shot of Ramonesy pop-punk and fuzzy garage rock.

Mean Jeans are up first with "Possessed 2 Party (With U)" and "Terminally Twisted." While On Mars found the band shifting towards indie rock territory, here they're firmly ensconced back in surf punk territory. Folks should know what to get from the Jeans in this vein. They're so reliably goofy yet fun that they've even gotten their own, disturbingly accurate lyrics generator. "Possessed 2 Party" is about partying; "Terminally Twisted" is about being a rad ‘n' bad dude. Both tunes have a snotty surf punk bounce, and a formula that can't be broken.

Which is why Underground Railroad to Candyland almost feels sluggish by comparison. Their songs, "I Dunno What I'm Sayin'" and "Alright," have things like guitar intros and bridges. Nothing too different, given that their hooks are still very much bubblegum-inspired and their lyrics have the same attitude (Sample line: "Damn damn the police / Bang bang we're outta sight!"). But the slower tempo can be off-putting at first compared to Mean Jeans' tunes. Still, this 7-inch is all types of fun. Get stoked.