Football, Etc. - Audible (Cover Artwork)
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Football, Etc.

Audible (2013)

Count Your Lucky Stars

Football, Etc. could not have chosen a more appropriate name for this record. Audible encompasses a charm and allure reminiscent of bands like Slingshot Dakota and Run Forever, but what this Houston ensemble do, is unique in its own way. There's a simplicity, magical and pulling, into their music but more strikingly, into Lindsay Minton's lyricism and delivery.

To sum up the indie-emo-alernative cocktail created by Football, Etc., look no further than "Fair" and "Goal." They open the record to perfection and summarize its heart, soul and emotive traction. Simple hooks and catchy anthems are what the majority of the band's works are based on, but how enchanting it gets at times is quite unbelievable. As straightforward and uncomplicated as it is, Audible never gets boring. Minton is a big part of that; she does so much with such ease, as her wistful words ring sweetly, painting pictures for the listener.

"Forfeit" has an abstract element to it with a strong sense of introspection. Minton avoids any colorful sort of antics, keeping things mysterious, quaint and highly eccentric, all at different points, as required. The foraging bassline here builds the song perfectly. "Time Out" juxtaposes itself just as comfortably; calm and breezy is how this track swims out to the listener with tales of haggard days, rummaging for hope. Yes, there's that doubt and cynicism in the harrowing paths that Football, Etc. relay. It gets deep and personal. Extrapolate what you can but you definitely feel that personal connection in songs like "Black Out." In addition to the variety in their sound, the storytelling of Audible is outstanding. It increases exponentially per track and as the album rounds out, everything fits like a puzzle and takes your breath away.

If you're looking for a record to relate to, this is it. If you're looking for a record to fall in love to, and with, then this is for you. Football, Etc. have much more spirit in their music than you can begin to imagine. Listen to them. Then brag to your friends that you were in on this band first because the future looks very bright for Football, Etc.