Detachment Kit - They Raging. Quiet Army. (Cover Artwork)

Detachment Kit

They Raging. Quiet Army. (2001)

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I found out about these guys at a show in April. They were playing with Thursday, Sparta, and Sand Which Is. I remember Ian coming out on stage and telling us what they called themselves. "We're deatchment kit. Kinda stupid, kinda hard to remember, but all we want is to have some fun." Also, Ian attempted to help us out. We couldn't stay for the whole show because of a train he tried to get us a ride. Which failed, but it was an awesome gesture. Anyway, onto the review.

You have your every day rock bands. The ones that everyone knows. You know which ones those are, and I do not feel like I need to name any. And then you have the ones that are more than every day. They are amazing. Detachment Kit is one of them.

The CD starts and ends with two of my favorite Detach songs. "High Seas" starts the all around amazing CD out, and "The illustrious Daniel Boone: Pioneer of Social Ingenuity" ends it.

Other savory tracks include "11.22.63", and "Dead Angels Make Slow Sound." They all have this killer sound. The voice of Ian and Josh rip through the lyrics making you want to listen...and wonder what half of these songs mean to them. In "High Seas" What did they mean by "He has the devil in his arms"? At least, I wonder.

"I knew a man /who took his wife/& took their lives and no one died/some one should have told him 'bout the favor that we owed him" and "Why do all the heroes of our time need dashing suits to fight our crime/Can't They see they're not like me/Cannot even bleed" If you do not call those amazing lyrics I do not know what are. Ian has amazing lyrical talent. The band, as a whole, has great talent.

Often they are described to have a bit of a Pink Floyd feel from the people I have talked to. What with their mellow music, lyrics, and the melodic yet jumpy voices of Ian and Josh. Especially the closing track, which I have mentioned above. I cannot say I completely agree with that. Yet, I do not completely disagree either.

I will leave you with a few words of advice. Buy their CD, They Raging. Quiet Army. Buy their 10" 'Attack on Bright America'. Go out and watch them live. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee it.