Lake Effect - Genuine Bonds [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Lake Effect

Genuine Bonds [EP] (2013)


Lo-fi indie rock. While vague, reading that description will make someone either roll their eyes or become immediately intrigued. To the eye rollers: Stop mid-roll and appreciate when it's done exceptionally well, like on this EP by New Jersey's Lake Effect.

The three-song format covers all the bases under the genre umbrella, which keeps the EP sounding fresh and diverse. Opener "Jungle Sweet" has a '90s alternative rock vibe with gritty guitars that bleed into each other and a bouncy bass line (especially during the outro). Keith Williams sounds downtrodden as he sings "Face down in a puddle of defeat/ Drink up ‘cause the kids are starving," but as a common theme throughout the EP, the dejected lyrics don't make the music depressing.

"I Like U (A Lot)" succeeds with a garage rock loud/soft dynamic. The self-deprecating lyrics ("You say I smoke too much pot/ And I probably do") couple well with a mournful take on Weezer-esque woo-oohs. EP closer "Dizzy Head" could even be considered pop-rock, hosting the album's cleanest vocals and twinkling guitar parts. The track takes an interesting left turn with a quirky final third that's unlike the rest of the song.

At nine minutes and the manageable price of free, there's no reason to not check out Genuine Bonds.