Bratmobile - Girls Get Busy (Cover Artwork)


Girls Get Busy (2002)


Bratmobile, one of the pioneers of the Riot Grrl movement, is back with a killer release. Their second full-length since their reunion in 1999 and third altogether, Girls Get Busy proves that these ladies, like a fine wine, just keep getting better with age.

The ladies kick things off with "I'm in the Band," a song that explains the entire existence of the phenomenom that is Bratmobile, as Allison chants, "I'm in the band and I deserve to be here...Alright? Alright!" This song is the epitome of the idea that B-Mob is trying to convey: Girls are important in the music industry, and yes, they will have their say whether you like it or not.

Girls Get Busy is composed of songs created by smart, sassy, socially-aware women that transmit important messages and at the same time are totally punk rock. Allison's vocals are emotional and intense, and as always, her lyrics serve as an outlet through which she can express the band's views, whether they be political, as in "Shop for America" and "United We Don't," or social like "Shut Your Face" and "Are You a Lady?" Meanwhile, Erin and Molly's musical ability keeps progressing as they rock out on "Chicken or the Egg" and "Idiot Lover."

The disc is not overly-polished and similar to their prior releases, sounds a bit gritty, a quintessential trademark of their nonconformist, punk sound. I think the guys at Lookout! put it best, saying B-Mob "transcend the 'girl band' box."