Epoxy - Nothing Else (Cover Artwork)


Nothing Else (2002)


Kely Sanders

"Nothing Else", the new cd by the band EPOXY, is a killer album. It is fronted by Brett Kimberlin, a former political prisoner, who wrote all the songs in prison. His angst and energy is palpable, and the three band members are stellar musicians. This is gritty, raw punk rock at its best, and it puts to shame all the flavor of the year bands such as the VINES, STROKES, and WHITE STRIPES.

"Doing Fine" leads off the album with one of the best intros I have ever heard. This song will have a life of its own when it starts radio play. Every song on the album is strong, and keeps you pressed against the wall. You can feel the bass player and drummer almost rip the their instruments apart. "Killing Fields" a karmic attack on the death penalty, picks you up by the collar and won't let go until its sonic assault is over. This is the album to get, and I predict that it will be huge.