Weezer - Pinkerton (Cover Artwork)


Pinkerton (1996)


A not so recent album gets a oh so decent review here. However, I'll go beyond decent, and do you one better. This is album is possibly one of the best albums I have EVER owned. I don't remember all my albums, mind you, and my tastes change extremely rapidly. But this one does not come out of my cd player for months, and when it does, it only takes a couple days for me to put this bad ass back in.

This is Weezer at it's finest, and the simple explanation for why is that it is the most raw emotion I have ever heard packed into one album. Weezer does it for 10 straight tracks, making every one amazing. This CD deserves every star, and I'm going to even go ahead and give each of the ten songs one point. I hope you can add, because if you were blind and you couldn't add, you wouldn't know the perfect score I gave this album.

Track 1, Tired of Having Sex, is an amazing track. There is a ton of emotion in this, and one of the high points on this cd is hearing the harmony on the one line where Rivers sings "Oh, why can't I be making love come true", and especially at the end of the song, where they play at an ending and go ahead with another short little riff. One of the best things about this song is the guitar solos after the chorus. They are just really awesome guitar parts. Anyways, next we come to track 2, Getchoo. Actually one of the more generic songs, it is still a great listen.

Tracks 3 and 4, No Other One and Why Bother are also a bit generic, but for some reason they really come into their own at the ends, and No Other One features a great end where Rivers hums along with the guitar part, and in Why Bother a great variation on the chrous near the end.

I can't say enough about Across The Sea. I could go on for hours about how amazingly amazing this amazingly amazing track is. I just can't help but repeat myself. One of my favorite songs ever. Ever. Ever. I can't help but sing the second verse over and over and over again, the lyrics grab me so much. I'm going to put in a sample from the end verse too, because it also is brilliant and super catchy.

"They don't make stationary like this where I'm from, so fragile, so defined. So I smell, (so I smell), and I lick, (and I lick) your envelope and fall to little pieces every time, I wonder what clothes you wear to school, I wonder how you decorate your room, I wonder how you touch myself and curse myself for being across the sea."

"God damn, this business is really lame, I've got to live on an island to find the juice, so you send, (so you send), your love, from all around the world, as if I could live on words and dreams and a million screams of how I need a hand in mine to feel."

Amazing. There really shouldn't be so many great lyrics in one song. It's just not right. There shouldn't possibly be this good and this emotional a song. It's catchy too, although it's kinda hard to sing with Rivers voice. It's unique, alright.

By the way, does anyone notice the part in Across The Sea, where Rivers and whoever the guy is that does the harmony sing that part that goes "So I smell and I lick your envelope and fall to little pieces." There is one harmony there,at fall to little pieces, that just strikes me, and I love that part. It is just an extremely well done harmony.

Now that I've spent my whole life talking about that amazing track, which I really am tempted to keep talking about, I'll talk about the rest of the cd. So on to "The Good Life". This song is crazy, and "school is crap I've had it" is delivered in such a cool way that it gets imprinted in my head for days. Pretend screaming the "I've Had It" part is a fun thing to do when listening to this song. It's a fun song, that really gets to you when it slows down and starts getting a bit more serious. A great track, and it is followed by another favorite.

El Scorcho is the song I share with one of the coolest girls I have ever known. It is our song, and deservedly so, because it is a f*cking awesome song. The originality is so packed in there that the song threatens to explode. I can't say enough about this track, it is so original it is hard to explain. One of the other best tracks on this album by far.

And then we get to the other best track. I love this song. It's fun and catchy, and is something we can all relate to. Okay, no, but "Pink Triangle" is a song that can sometimes almost make me wish I'd had that experience. It's so ironic, it's almost funny. I can't explain why, but this is a song that is great to hum along and the end really picks up and gets powerful, and you really feel the emotion of an otherwise not taking itself too seriously song. Although it is very emotional, the chorus almost trys to be funny while still getting across a very heartbreaking story.

Track 9, Falling For You, is pretty plain, although I think the versus are amazing. I just love "Holy Cow, I Think I've Got One Here". When's the last time you've heard "holy moly/cow" in the same song. It feels so damned good to hear for some odd reason.

And then we get to the different. And it definitely is not the same as the rest of the album. I read a review on this site earlier of this album, and it gave "Butterfly" a perfect description. A raw, emotional acoustic song that chokes me up inside occasionally. It's just sad, and sad songs are just kinda sad, if you know what I mean. I can't explain why it gets to me, but I think it has something to do with the part about the "butterfly" withered all away. Great closer, that ends with a really, really soft bang.

In closing, two words, repeated five times, which makes ten words plus five periods.

Amazing Album.
Amazing Album.
Amazing Album.
Amazing Album.
Amazing Album.

If you don't have it, and you're into Weezer, or the "Weezer" genre, because Weezer is something all it's own, BUY IT. NOW. I'M NOT KIDDING. IF I HAVEN'T HEARD FROM YOU, I'M GONNA ASSUME YOU DIDN'T BUY IT. I'LL FIND YOU. AND THEN I'LL... I'LL...

Give you the money so you can go buy it yourself and see what a good album it is. Ha, no, I'd probably just burn it for you. I'm not spending money on you. You thought I'd spend money on you? What's the matter with you?