Against All Authority - 24 Hour Roadside Resistance (Cover Artwork)

Against All Authority

24 Hour Roadside Resistance (2000)


AAA have always been better at punk than ska, and thankfully, they embrace their snot-core side. Popeye-on-speed vocals, shredding guitar riffs and the occasional horn blast help give this chunk of pissed-offness the edge that it needs to be one of the best punk releases in recent memory.

AAA's past releases have heavily featured the horn section, but the horns don't even show up on this slab o' plastic till track 5, "Nothing to Lose". The opening title track sets the tone for this album. AAA are pissed at the world, and they are taking their aggression out on our ears. The second track, "Dinkas when I close my eyes" is one of the best tracks on the album, with a punky-ska beat and passionate lyrics about the terrible conditions in Sudan and other African nations.

"I think you think too much" is another great track, centering around a true event that occurred between the band and some power hungry police officers. The rest of the tracks follow suit, as AAA proves that ska can be just as vicious as punk. Oh yeah, and the last track isn't a song, but rather an informative little piece about the affects of Strontium 90 on the human body. Throw this CD on and indulge your angry side.