AFI - Black Sails In The Sunset (Cover Artwork)


Black Sails In The Sunset (1999)


I can't believe this album has never been reviewed. It's one of the best CD's I've ever heard.

There's always that one band when you first hear them, you're sort of like: 'holy shit.' AFI was that one band for me.

This stuff was weird at first, but after you listen to it for a while it becomes amazingly good. Every riff seems to fit and, while the new album wasn't great, this one proves that they were once the greatest band around.

It had magic, this stuff was good. It was sort of a Misftis, Nerve Agents evil sound, but there was something else. Something that made AFI good and set them apart from the rest.

It was heavier than either of the two, and more of an epic sound to it. Each song seemed to be buliding to something that blew you away.

'Porphyria'-blows your ass away. The first song was just the chant: 'Strength Through Wounding.' It's good, but not great. This song was where it started and didn't stop.

Every song after that had the heaviest, angriest riffs every recorded. They were good. The guitar was fast and technical. The bass player never seemed to fucking stop. And the drumming, it was good. It didn't seem to be at first, but if you keep listening the drumming seems to carry every song. All the changes and breakdowns seemed to fit with the drums perfectly. Goddamn it was good.

This is where Davey Havok seemed to jump out at us. His awesome screams he showed on: 'shut your mouth and open your eyes.' were still there but now he was singing, too. Where the hell did that come from?

'Clove Smoke Catharsis' is where the album hits you with his singing. I know he sings before this, but this is the song were you started to *really* notice it. Even though Dexter Holland, from the amazingly bad Offspring, still didn't ruin the song. His back up vocals seemed to work, for whatever reason.

The rest of the album bounces around between amazing parts. 'The Prayer Position' kicks some awesome ass. Good emotional breakdown's abound, and it still stays hardcore.

It's sooooo fucking good. I'm not even going to finish this review because nothing I could say would do this album justice. Just download some songs off: 'Black Sails In The Sunset' or, hell, you might even go actually pay for the album instead of ripping them off and you'll see what I'm talking about. 'Art of Drowning' is good, but you have to hear this album first.