I Kill Giants - No One Will Ever Leave You [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

I Kill Giants

No One Will Ever Leave You [7-inch] (2014)

Broken World

Is it too early to have a summer record? Probably. But, I Kill Giants set off in just four tracks to make their best attempt to keep you reeled in and plugging away until that hot sun blazes down on you. No One Will Ever Leave You is a measure of how far they've come and a testament to how they remove little fractures of self-doubt by the record. They've whittled down and refined their sound so concisely that when the word 'hiatus' pops up, you're really hoping it doesn't last.

"Just Because It's a Joke Doesn't Mean It's Not Racist" is their typical indie meets math-rock mash-up that's filled with catchy hooks, swirling riffs and a melodic discord that matches their best sound to date. The conflicting guitars as well as the dual vocals from Dylan Hanwright and Chris Lee (also both guitarists) add a lot of oomph to their delivery. It's a poppy feel. "Classic Riptide" and "In Response" are both under a minute and feel like discarded B-sides. The former prides itself on a garage-punk, skramz feel before the math-riff equation envelopes once more. The latter is also informal and a tad more experimental but they're neat little shots that jolt you into understanding that this is the best summation of the band.

The grainy and coarse vibe represents their snarky, cynical elements perfectly and ideally, act as a great template for their older material. This record feels like a teaser trailer and in a good way. "Butcher Shoppe/////Machine Gun" is on the more pop-punkish side but it feels so much like a summer/beach anthem. It's rife with a nice, indie-alternative style and a great transition to close the album as it differs slightly from the earlier tracks. This is a record for fans who are into bands like Dad Punchers and The World Is A Beautiful Place. It's calm, relaxed and an overall spacious ambiance.

Stylistically, I Kill Giants have always hit the mark and No One Will Ever Leave You proves no different. Here's to hoping we get a bit more magic from them by whatever means in 2014.