Headacher - Headacher [Flexi Disc] (Cover Artwork)
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Headacher [Flexi Disc] (2013)

Head 2 Wall

Headacher balances themselves between modern-complex hardcore such as Botch and the lumbering sounds of neo-hardcore bands like Title Fight. "Since Edwin C. Moses Took Over Miami" finds the band rooted in a shifting, twisting riff. Instead of driving the band forward, the riff dances around the off-kilter rhythm, making the track feel purposefully unbalanced. Whereas old hardcore was meant to drive the listener forward, this is more of floating rhythm that is none-the-less heavy.

The band continues their metal exploration with the second track, "Two Yutes." While the vocals are still in the screaming-vein (but intelligible, thankfully), the band experiments with the range of their Fugazi inspired lurching guitar. Here, the riffs bark like Motorhead but rise upwards with powerchords that in another context, could have been on a power metal album. The effect is doubly interesting. First, although most hardcore feels "heavy and dark," here, the band leaves space that makes the music feel light and sound bright, despite the harsh vocals and guitar. Second, chords that used by say, Jag Panzer, which would sound like (overly)epic calls to arms, repositioned, become studies in contrast between the vocals and riffs that snap together with the voice and then drift away.

This is one of the more challenging modern hardcore releases, but it would seem, studying it yields more than is immediately evident. Also, the release has a 3-D cover and comes with old timey 50's movie 3-D glasses, which is cool.