Boysetsfire - Live For Today (Cover Artwork)


Live For Today (2002)


Boy Sets Fire is one of my favorite hardcore (or whatever the hell they play...) bands. Listening to their progression, from 1996's "This Crying This Screaming My Voice is Being Born " to 2000's "After the Eulogy" is an amazing thing. They produce undeniable, bombastic, socio-political hardcore romps to lush, sereen lullaby's. When they signed to Wind-up Records, home of Creed and Drowning Pool, a huge cry of "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!" rose from the underground. With no new material since 2000, Boy Sets Fire was out to prove that they still had IT. With the release of the Live For Today EP, which featuers 4 new songs and 2 live tunes from After the Eulogy, they not only prove they still have it but the prove they are one of the greatest bands out there.

The EP kicks off with a tried and true BSF political romp, "Release the Dogs". You can hear the trademarks screams by Nathan and his trademark singing. Still to this day, nobody balances singing with rageful screaming than Nathan Grey. "Bathory's Sainthood" is another heartfelt, blast of almost metalish sonic joy. The lyrics seem fitting for the day and age in which we live in now. The lyrics make you stop and think. "Curtain Call" is next. It's a decent tune, following in the vein of many ATE songs.

Now comes the treats, the live tracks taken from a show recorded a few months ago on 07.19.02 at Club Krome in South Amboy, NJ..."After the Eulogy" kicks of the live segment and this version absolutely fucking rocks. The chants of "Rise! Rise! Rise!' blasts in to hardcore heaven...the end of the song where they break it down and have the crowd scream "where's your fucking RAAAAGE!" is sick! After that came another new song called "Handful Of Redemption" and it is another beautiful BSF masterpiece. The heart and emotion the band puts into their songs is so evident here...finally they end the EP with a live version of "Rookie", and it totally kicks ass!

Boy Sets Fire is about to take the world by storm. On April 4th 2003 they release their next full length and the evil leaders of the world best beware to feel the rage of us all. On a side note BSF is touring with Snapcase, Time in Malta, Atreyu, Autopilot off and more. Go see them, they fucking rule.