Falling Here - Wrong Ways (Cover Artwork)

Falling Here

Wrong Ways (2013)

10th Legion Records

If you like your pop punk and you like it even more with a girl up front on vocals then you will enjoy Italian band Falling Here's first full length album Wrong Ways, recently released through Australian label 10th Legion. After recording their previous EP Life Gets Easy back in late 2012 the band returned to the studio recently to record Wrong Ways with Producer Marco Becko Calanca at SKIE Studio in Rome.

Wrong Ways reminded me a lot of Australian band Tonight Alive but with elements to their sound branching out of pop punk into easy-core and I suspect there is a strong influence from the likes of French band Chunk! No, Captain Chunk.

The album has lots of crowd shouts and energy however there are tracks such as "Lost In Time" and "Stop and Fix" that are much more laid back with spoken word and acoustic elements.

If you're looking for the C!N,CC! influence check out track "8 Friends > Fame." But if you're just out for straight out pop punk don't let that turn you off. This album is filled with fast-paced pop punk energy particularly in tracks like "Start Over Again," "Three Months," "I Breathe," and "Wrong Ways."

A lot of the time you don't notice the Italian accent, occasionally they come through fairly strongly, but it works. They are Italian after all.

Vocalists Claudia Marzi and Uale Morganti both bring something different to this album and the musicianship it tight. The drummer alone is tight and punchy. Producers Marco Calanco and Daniele Ingrati have been developing a solid name for themselves of late producing some quality pop punk recordings and Wrong Ways is a fine example of their best work.