Captives - My Eyes Are Open (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


My Eyes Are Open (2013)

Reveille Records

Divulging the dismay and dreary ambiance of life works for Captives. My Eyes Are Open is a record steadily built on the listener relating to the record. The Utah foursome paint exactly that -- a record draped with the sadness that transpires during the course of the days and just how strong the effects of the fallout are.

"Forsaken" carries the anthem of gloom that lingers throughout. The record, in four tracks, crams throaty and hoarse messages, punctuated by a grunge sound that reminds of the recent Citizen Youth record, which of course came out months after this February release. Whatever Captives throws into the mix sticks as enjoyable and it's their straightforward musical structure I accredit this to.

The indie-alternative atmosphere is cultivated on "Abandon" and also, in bits and pieces, on the more '90s-rock-oriented "Ugly." Slick and swift guitar work dosed with heavy drums leave both tracks with somewhat more contrasting tones than common ones. But with old-school rock and grunge-doused attributes thrown in, they add a nice variety to the record.

The closer "Grace" is no doubt the flashpoint here. It leverages its acoustic power on a story of misguided souls and as the concluding chapter, it feels as if the record is truly complete in its synopsis. The sweet, calm, yet bleak lull of the track bursts into energy at the end, and sums up the gist of My Eyes Are Open. Minor flaws and nitpicking aside, Captives leave you wanting more. Can't go wrong with that.