The Capitalist Kids / Tight Bros - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Capitalist Kids / Tight Bros

Split [7-inch] (2013)

Toxic Pop Records

Toxic Pop keeps dropping tasty goodness. The Capitalist Kids and Tight Bros got together for a Ramones worship party and everybody had a good time. Cramming six songs into seven inches of wax, this split is mighty fine.

The Capitalist Kids go first with a trio of tunes that really make you rethink your whole life, man. Just as they did on Lessons on Love, Sharing, and Hygiene, the Kids divide their time between love songs and political take-downs. "Special Looks" deals with morning after awkwardness while "What Have You Got to Hide?" discussing the increasingly Orwellian society technology creates. Also it works in the sarcastic line "somewhere an eagle cried" because America. The Kids close out with "Claustrophobia," a Bee-Gees cover because not tru punx is tru punx is not tru punx is tru punx.

As much as the Kids kill it, though, Tight Bros bright the party just a little bit harder. Three tunes with a Ramones fetish and decked out in Mean Jeans grace side two, and they're all rocking. "Little Bird" is up first with a big hooky chorus despite a minimum of whoas (thereby subverting all of pop-punk and recreating a new universe in your ears, bro). "Markers" and "Relocate Me" are in the same vein, but hey, why mess with a good thing?

At six songs, this split is a real deal in stereo, and anyone who likes the Ramones, fun, smashing the government and also the Ramones 2x should get on board.