The Shrine - Bless Off (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Shrine

Bless Off (2014)

Tee Pee Records

It seems that when The Shrine were recording Bless Off the band members forgotten what decade they are in. They seem to be about thirty years behind musically. This album sounds like a mixture of Motley Crüe, Rush, a hint of Black Sabbath, and maybe some Boston, but not in a good way. The lyrics are filled with rock and roll clichés like in first track, "Destroyer": What you see is what you get. Seriously? I remember my teacher telling me that in second grade. And the track "On the Grind" has the cliché: Nobody listens/Nobody cares. Can't you just envision David Lee Roth singing the exact same phrase on stage with Van Halen circa 1983? The title track (and others tracks like "Worship" and "Spit in My Life") only says the song's name in the chorus, which isn't all that creative and comes off a little corny to be quite frank. The majority of the tracks have very overdone guitar solos in them, which if you listen to this album, really aren't solos, but quite long guitar interludes that, after the fifth or sixth one, get tedious to listen to. They seem like they were put in the songs just to kill time. The guitar riffs in general sound like Randy Rhoads knock-offs, however that isn't to say that they aren't impressive and complex. Whoever produced this album did not do a good job of cutting away the excess "musical fat" on these songs.

To be honest, it was pretty hard to listen to the whole album all the way through once, let alone enough times to be able to write a review of it. And the songs just didn't flow well after one another.

Clearly this band has a very specific demographic, but based on Bless Off it's as if The Shrine yearns to be a metal band that is desperately trying to bring the 80s big-hair era back (cough, cough Steel Panther). Good luck with that, guys. Overall, this album would have probably done well on a major label… between 1978 and 1984.