New Found Glory - Nothing Gold Can Stay (Cover Artwork)

New Found Glory

Nothing Gold Can Stay (1999)


Ah, "Nothing Gold Can Stay." Back when they were A New Found Glory. Back when they were indie. Back when they weren't as pop-oriented as Good Charlotte, and were less poppy (but still poppy) like The Ataris but with more of a middle-ground melodic punk sound like No Use for a Name.

I think this is when NFG wasn't quite at their best, but close to it. The songs are speedy, catchy, and just plain punk rock fun. Songs like "Passing Time" and "Never Sometimes" show their harder punk influences. Meanwhile, songs like "It Never Snows in Florida," "3rd and Long," and "Winter of '95" hint at what they would become a few years later. Some tracks like "The Goodbye Song" show their emotional soft spots (but still don't call them emo!). This album also includes the first version of their first big song, "Hit or Miss," and I've never thought it was better than the second one.

I think "Sticks and Stones," their latest CD, is where they've really matured lyrically. So, here, it's pretty simple: girls, lost relationships, and high school. Don't expect much. And one thing I must mention is the sound quality on this CD. It's terrible! Not very well recorded, and I think it's fairly noticeable when you first listen to it.

So, while this CD isn't as good as their self-titled album, it is better than "Sticks and Stones," and it turns out to be quite an enjoyable listen. They're all great songs. So, if you like old school blink, then this album is probably for you.

A lot of people consider New Found Glory to be sell-outs, but I really don't agree with that. These guys aren't blink-182. I think early on (as this album proves) they were still trying to find their place, their niche in the music industry. And even though they've settled for a lighter sound as their careers have progressed, I don't care. It's still great music to me.