DON'T - 89 [7-Inch] (Cover Artwork)
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89 [7-Inch] (2014)

Dead Broke Rekerds

DON'T is a band that is best described as being of the garage persuasion with hints of surf and punk thrown in. Fronted by the striking Jenny Don't the band also includes Sam Henry on drums, a man who has been inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, partially due to the fact that he was the drummer for The Wipers, one of the most well-known bands from that region. Musically the songs on this new release are laid back with Jenny DON'T providing a luxurious vocal performance that has a soothing quality to it, just right for kicking back and relaxing, as you drink whatever poison is needed to reset the levels of normalcy after the tedium of work.

Lead track "89" is a great opener as it kicks in with a surf riff on the guitar paving the way for Jenny Don't warming vocals that are so full of depth it's like a magnetic force drawing me in, and I find myself in a trance by her siren call. "Dead End Drive" is a much more languorous track in comparison and it seems to weave this way and that as the guitars fill the sparseness with a more post-punk feel to them with the end result being closer to the likes of current Portland band The Estranged as well as The Wipers. Finally comes "Ghost on the Highway" with a more rockier sound but again it's one that doesn't get carried away, just letting the song work its magic and reminds me a bit of X. It's good to hear a single on which the band offers up a variation on their sound on each track, rather than ploughing the same path throughout.

Jenny Don't really does have a great voice and the band really shouldn't be in her shadow but for me, she's the key feature here, the one that makes this band as good as it is.

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