Yesterday's Kids - Can't Hear Nothin' (Cover Artwork)

Yesterday's Kids

Can't Hear Nothin' (2002)

Panic Button

You wanna know what really irritates me? When a band pulls something like this. I get this album, and I've never heard of the band. Additionally, I'm very wary of Panic Button's abilities now that Ben Weasel isn't doing it anymore. Regardless, I have an open mind, I decide to give it a listen.

Holy yes. Track one is amazing. It sounds vaguely like the Lillingtons, only a touch less gimmicky and the song is longer than anything the Lillingtons would do. Very good though. Track two, also quite stupendous. I am definately satisfied with this disc, and I have renewed faith in Panic Button's ability to put out good music. Track three is awesome as well, and so it was written: THE NEW YESTERDAY'S KIDS ALBUM IS GOOD!

Then I kept listening. The problem after track three was finished was pretty simple: they didn't have any more good songs left. Don't get me wrong, those first three tracks were spectacular, the kind of pop punk a man only dreams exists. Unfortunately, the opposite is the same for the nine other tunes on this release. Let's break it down in easy to read chart form:


This would have made an incredible EP, I can tell you that much.