Miss Vincent - Creepy [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Miss Vincent

Creepy [EP] (2013)

Self Released

It would seem that in recent years Surrey has become a significant crucible in counties contributing to the ever-increasing wealth of alternative talent in the UK. With bands such as Polar, Palm Reader and Drones (to name but a few) all hailing from the heart of Surrey, another name is steadily finding itself on this prestigious roster… Miss Vincent.

Founded in 2012, the Guildford quartet has already made an impact on the local music scene whilst simultaneously attacking the rest of the country with an endless torrent of shows and tours. Only recently returning from a tour, these purveyors of melodic punk rock will be heading out on another eight-day stint towards the end of the month to promote their debut self-released EP, Creepy.

Taking influence from the iconic Epi/Fat punk of early nineties America in addition to hints of later Alkaline Trio releases such as This Addiction; Miss Vincent add a sense of British sophistication to their infectious sound. The opening track, "Deadlock," is a hard-hitting attention grabber, with fantastic vocal and guitar harmonies pulling you in to this EP headfirst! Having heard "I Don't Want This" on the band's first demo CD from 2012, this reworked version is a true testament to how the band has improved and evolved in such a short space of time. The anthemic "Planning to Fail" is the EP's only single, boasting the superior talents of each and every member of this Guildford group. "Carry On" and "Testing Times" are two great songs with which to end this EP, continuing the power and presence of the EP in its entire form. With the professionalism of musicianship within this band, the high quality of musical production cannot go without mention. This of course is credited to Drones front man Daly George, who has achieved striking results in capturing the essence of Miss Vincent.

I hold high hopes for this band and have no doubt that we will be seeing some fantastic releases in the near future. If these guys happen to be touring near you, I strongly suggest that you make the trip… You won't be disappointed!