Modern Explorations - Modern Explorations (Cover Artwork)

Modern Explorations

Modern Explorations (2013)


If you have yet to listen to this four song math rock gem, reserve time for the Corpus Christi band's self-titled release to establish relevance in your 2014 mix– you won't be disappointed.

Behind Michael's ponderous lyrics, Philip, Kyle, and Andrew create an organic soundscape that is fluent as a whole piece as well as rewarding when analyzed for individual instrumentation. While taking cues from jazz improvisational influences, the quartet also pays homage to genre predecessors such as Thrice, Moving Mountains, and O'Brother.

"Automata," an apt opening song, swells into establishing the EP's cadence. The band's lyrically narrative nature is captured from the beginning. We experience the band's instrumentalist side in "Golf Courses & Jungles," whose playful riffs dynamically ebb and flow into the oceanic "Desert Action." At the trailing notes of the inherently catchy "Gently Rounded, Gently Curved," the 17:48 long Modern Explorations is poignant, leaving a simultaneous desire for more and contentment that the record's complexity garners a second go around.

Overall, the conscientious craftsmanship of this debut release is testament to Modern Explorations' passion and sincerity. The biggest compliment I have for this EP is simply that it is seamless, while maintaining a feeling of spontaneity– a trait that is transitive to an amazing live performance.