True North [St Louis] - Hymns In Stereo [EP] (Cover Artwork)

True North [St Louis]

Hymns In Stereo [EP] (2013)

Zero Youth Records

Initially I was shocked that this band had a name like this seeing as Bad Religion released a record of the same name recently. It would be similar to a new band dropping onto the scene with a name like Punk in Drublic. Fortunately that was the least of my worries. The debut from these guys grabbed my attention right away with a short Woody Guthrie sample before striking off the first song "Last of Us."

For a debut EP recorded in three days the production is really pretty decent. The highlights for me are the tracks "Guard Your Heart" and "Cadence." Just good songs to sing along too. The other tracks aren't bad at all, they just aren't the same caliber to this reviewer.

Something I really prefer in a good record is a sense of cohesiveness, and True North does that here. They have captured a handful of songs to work together to portray a bigger picture experience of what they are communicating to the listener.

The last track, "Shallow Pockets," really threw a curveball as they slowed things down, but didn't lose me either. The song is a dark foray into the narrative of one person's loss. And for this listener it was haunting and heartbreaking.

The record was sent over to me digitally and I've added it to our catalog at KDHX for airplay and review. This band should consider this EP a great step into the right direction for future releases. It's refreshing to hear the Midwest continue to produce a healthy stream of great bands. These guys definitely aren't the second coming with this release, but they definitely hold down what is a growing and thriving community of quality songwriters that historically has been solid from the middle of America.

Consider picking this one up on the cheap and giving it a few spins.