Life in Vacuum - 5 (Cover Artwork)

Life in Vacuum

5 (2014)

Life in Vacuum

When I think of Canadian music, songs by Sum 41, Silverstein, Alexisonfire and J-Biebs storm and congest my mind. Although I know north of the border is capable of conceiving acts like SNFU, I have little impression of the good that can come out in recent years.

Two days ago is pretty recent, right? Regardless, Waterloo's noisy Life in Vacuum gives me a positive viewpoint. From the opening "You Did it to Yourself," the trio knows what it wants you to think: they simply don't care. The edgy riff in the first seconds is a candid, no-nonsense synopsis of what 5 is all about, further accentuated when the singer starts shouting the verse. It goes full force after that, and you're hooked.

The first thing that came to mind was Drive Like Jehu with its hardcore/math rock sound and the singer's rough, but well-conducted voice. But -- and as the above paragraph says -- it is more short, sweet, and to-the-point, with generally shorter song durations, and perhaps more focus. This tone is consistent throughout, while there is some variation in song structure, particularly with my favorite track "Seven," where the band somehow takes it easy as it keeps the energy revved.

Transparently, Life in Vacuum really knows what it's doing, especially evident with their formation back in 2006, the couple demos under their belt, and this self-published gem. 5 is industrious DIY at its finest.