Lipstick Homicide - Out Utero (Cover Artwork)

Lipstick Homicide

Out Utero (2013)

Bloated Kat Record

"You don't have to tell me how to feel, cuz I don't give a fuck, this time for real" is the first thing uttered by lead vocalist Rachel Feldman on Lipstick Homicide's most recent release, Out Utero. The first track, "This Time For Real" really sets the tone and tempo for this 28 minute pop punk banger. As the first track begins to wind down, the second song, "I Hope You Die" immediately kicks in right where "This Time For Real" left off. As the record keeps jamming along, it never slows down. For a pop punk record this album has a lot of bite. With tracks like "Hope You Die", "Full Throttle", and "Declaration of Codependence" Lipstick Homicide proves that pop punk doesn't have to just be bubblegum and heartbreak.

From the time the first track kicks in, 'til the last song fades out, the record doesn't change a whole lot. The majority of Out Utero is fast two minute songs, and while I don't know if it would change the flow of the record, there isn't a whole lot of variety. So many bands these days try to write complex music, rich with literary reference, and multi-layered guitar parts, and very few just kick out the jams. While Out Utero might not feature a whole lot of variety, it's a record that reminds me of what I love about punk so much, and that's why it was one of my favorites of last year.

Out Utero is available digitally and on vinyl form Bloated Kat Records.